About us


Hi there, and welcome!


My name is Krystin and I am the owner and creative director behind Grace & Parker.

Grace & Parker began in Alberta, Canada by Christine an Australian native with a passion for simple and practical designs.  Christine worked to incorporate teething solutions for babies three months and up, whilst also giving her eldest daughter a solution for her sensory seeking behaviour. It was most definitely a win/win!

When Christine looked to spend more time with her family and focus her time on her children I looked to take over Grace and Parker.  Having owned and operated a successful teething company myself I am looking forward to growing Grace and Parker while following the foundation and design that Christine has created.

I'm a mother of three that lives in Ontario, Canada with my husband on the outskirts of a busy town.

 Any other queries or concerns can be answered by emailing us at: graceandparkershop@gmail.com or using our Contact G&P page above.

Thank you for your support thus far and we can't wait to bring you more as we grow into the future.


Krystin x